Advanced Replacement Hardware Warranty

Handset Extended Warranty

Advanced Replacement Hardware Warranty (ARHW) and Handset Extended Warranty (HEW) are replacement services for selected hardware components.   

ARHW and HEW enables Channel Partners  to provide their customers with a rapid resumption of service in the event of a hardware failure.  

Without ARHW or HEW 

The repair/replacement of a faulty component might take several days or weeks.  During this time the customer would be left without service.  

With ARHW or HEW

Customers can be offered fast replacement of faulty parts and a swift resumption of service without the Channel Partner needing to invest in holding replacement stock. 


HEW is a warranty service for handsets only. 

ARHW cannot be taken out on a handset. 


Note 1 : Handsets covered by HEW must be returned to ICON before a replacement is sent.
Note 2:

Next day delivery is not available in all areas.

Contact ICON to confirm that your address is eligible for next day delivery.



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